Popjack Chameleon and his friends


Popjack Chameleon is a children's story based on the Colorful Flags concept. It is about a 10-year old paper deliverer and peddler who interacts comfortably with the multiethic population of his town, Popville. The town of Popville has not had good ethnic relations in 20 years. In fact, Popville, which surrounds a beautiful lake, is segregated along ethnic lines. Popjack dreams of bringing his town together. This is a humorous and dramatic story about ethnic relations and team spirit. Popjack is the most charming youngster you will ever meet. He is a slick entrepreneur with a radiant personality. He speaks Spanish to the Paddlepops, Japanese to the Canepops, Arabic to the Stickpops, and Chinese to the Branchpops. He is a chameleon.

Popjack is the source of most of the story's humor. He is always trying to make a deal. Popjack has been living on his own, hustling and surviving on the streets since he was very young. He now lives in a storage house in a park next to the lake. Everybody in town adores Popjack except the Goons. The Goons don't like anyone. They have won the annual Popville Challenge for the past 20 years. The Popville Challenge is a multi-event relay consisting of five member teams. Popjack decides he has had enough of the Goon's bullying. He puts together a team of multiethnic Pops: Poptart a Branchpop, Popchart a Paddlepop, Popquiz a Stickpop, and Poplock a Canepop.

Poppa is the grandfatherly patriarch of the town. A former basketball player, Poppa is now delusional about his basketball playing abilities. Nevertheless, he dreams of the day he can have big toe surgery and return to the court. He needs to raise $500 to have toe surgery. In front of hundreds of excited townspeople, Popjack rallies his team to win the 21st Annual Popville Challenge making his team the pride of Popville. Each participant of the winning team receives a check for one hundred dollars.

Popjack goes into the cheering crowd and gives his check to Poppa for his toe surgery. His teammates are talking about how they are going to spend their money when they look up and are stunned by Popjack's gesture. Without being prompted, his team members also give their checks to Poppa. The cheering crowd cheers even louder. Days later, with money saved from his various business transactions, Popjack sponsors the 1st Annual Popville Cookout, bringing the entire town together, including the Goons, for fun, friendship, and laughter. The story is a lesson for us all on conflict resolution and racial reconciliation.

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