Mission Statement

Colorful Flags builds healthy race relations by conducting training workshops on social justice and cultural competency. Our module examines cultural identities, explicit and implicit bias, the power of language, and systemic racism. The workshops give participants the practical tools to hold themselves and others accountable for racially biased behavior. Colorful Flags inspires participants to embrace the South African concept of Ubuntu, which means humanity: "I am because we are."

Human Relations Statements

  1. Hello.  How are you doing?
  2. What is your name?
  3. Thank you. You are welcome.
  4. Please. Excuse me.
  5. Goodbye.  Have a nice day.

Colorful Flags Booklet

  • Colorful Flags Booklet Cover
  • Colorful Flags Languages
  • Human Relations Statements
  • Effects of the Proactive-Interactive Approach
  • Self-Perpetuating Learning
  • Colorful Flags Card


With racial tensions at a peak, institutions and organizations are searching for ways to embrace social justice and confront and systemic racism. The Colorful Flags concept helps to begin this process. While focusing on language, stereotypes, and bias, this program offers an easy-going approach to examining serious issues plaguing our society. The program's goal is to enlighten, transform, and infuse institutions and organizations with practical approaches in developing cultural competencies.

Training Workshops


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