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Ryan Hollins of the LA Clippers uses a Colorful Flags language card to communicate
with locals on a visit to Beijing to play LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Colorful Flags
Founder, Dr. Renford Reese, gave all of the LA Clippers Colorful Flags phonetic cards in
Mandarin for their trip to China for this exhibition game (Oct. 11, 2012). See how the
Chinese business owner responds after Hollins says "Thank You" in Mandarin.

ESPN Features Colorful Flags

ESPN presents "Realizing the Dream," a short featurette in honor of Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr. about African Americans making a difference in their communities. ESPN chose
to feature Dr. Renford Reese and his Colorful Flags program, which helps breakdown ethnic
mistrust among individuals by teaching them five basic human relations statements in different

"Life Ain't No Crystal Stair," is a 17-minute dramatic film designed to stimulate candid dialogue
by exploring a wide range of stereotypes and misconceptions about different ethnic groups.
Written by Renford Reese, produced by the late legendary Emmy award winner Saul Landau,
and directed by Martina Newberry, this diversity training film features actor Romany Malco 'Jay'
of the 40 Year Old Virgin, Showtime's Weeds and Think Like a Man, and Sung Kang, "Han," from
the Fast and Furious series in one of their first films.


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