Thai kids pointing and laughing, photo credit spotter_nl on Flickr
Human Relations Statements

Hello - Sawat dee

How are you doing? - Khun sa bye dee ru?

What is your name? - Khun chu ah rye?

Thank you - Cop khun

You are Welcome - Du-way kwom yen dee

Please - Broa(d)

Excuse me - Khar toe(t)

Goodbye - Sawat dee

Have a nice day - Khar hye ben won dee

"Colorful Facts"

Thailand is known for its great natural beauty. Thailand is the only nation in Southeast Asia that has never been ruled by a Western power. Thailand's name in the Thai language is Muang Thai, which means "Land of the Free." More than 85% of the population over the age of 15 can read and write. Most Thais are Buddhist. Thai boxing is popular world wide.

Location: Southeast Asia, bordered by Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Capital: Bangkok

Offical Language: Thai

Geography: Wet tropical land, many rivers, forests, and mountians.

Population: 68,977,400 (Estimated 2020)

Foods: Popular foods are pad-thai (stir fried rice noodles), tom yum kung (spicy shrimp soup), kou-job, and cha-po. Many Thai dishes are served with rice, peanut curry paste or in coconut milk.

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