Human Relations Statements

Hello - Jambo

How are you doing? - Habari zako?

What is your name? - Unaitwaje?

Thank you - Asante

You are Welcome - Se sona

Please - Thafadhali

Excuse me - (No common expression)

Goodbye - Kwaheri

Have a nice day - Ukuwe Na Siku Njema

"Colorful Facts"

Swahili was the symbolic language of the "black power" and liberation among African Americans during the 1960's. Swahili are African people of Bantu and Arab ancestry. The word "Swahili" means coast people. The Swahili language is used in East Africa for business and communication among various tribal groups.

Location: The Swahili live along the east coast of Africa, from Somalia to Mozambique.

Offical Language: of Kenya and Tanzania

Geography: Kenya: vast arid regions of plateaus. Tanzani: the coast plain, the low Eastern Plateau, and the higher Central Plateau. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa (19,340ft).

Population: Kenya: 53,527,936; Tanzania: 58,552,845 (Estimated 2020)

Foods: Corn (called maize in Kenya) is the basic food - made into a porridge, mixed with other vegetables called ugali in Tanzania.

(Primary Sources) World Book Encylopedia/CIA World Factbook.


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