Samoan kids playing a game outside, photo credit Simon_sees on Flickr
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Samoa is divided into American Samoa and Western Samoa. Western Samoa is an independent nation. American Samoa is a territory of the U.S. People from American Samoa are U.S. Nationals. They have every right of a U.S. citizen except the right to vote. Samoans are known for their hospitality and their respect for their elders.

Location: A chain of 8 islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

Capital: American Samoa - Pago Pago; Western Samoa - Apia

Offical Language: Samoan

Geography: Nearly all the Samoan Islands are volcanic formations and coral reefs surround most of them--rich forests and flatlands.

Population: 203,774 (Estimated 2020)

Foods: I'a (fish), taro (vegtable like a potato), breadfruit - ulu (grows on a tree), bananas. They bake food in an umu.

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