Human Relations Statements

Hello - Salam

How are you doing? - Chitouri?

What is your name? - Esmet Chee-ay? (more formally) Es Met Chimah(n) Chee-ay?

Thank you - Mote-shy Keram

You are Welcome - (K)ha-hesh Mikonam

Please - Lote-fahn

Excuse me - Ba-bah shiht

Goodbye - (K)hoda hafez

NiceDay - (K)Ruze (K)hosch

"Colorful Facts"

Iran is one of the world's oldest countries. Its history dates back almost 5,000 years and includes the days of the great Persian Empire. In Biblical times, Persian Kings ruled vast territories. Handmade Persian silk and wool rugs are world famous.

Location: In the Middle East region of southwestern Asia

Capital: Tehran

Offical Language: Persian also called Farsi.

Geography: Snow-capped mountains, green valleys, and barren deserts.

Population: 84,923,314 (Estimated 2020)

Foods: Abguhst (a-thick meat and bean soup); dolmeh vegetables(stuffed with meat and rice); and kebab (lamb roasted on a skewer); Popular beverage: fruit syrups mixed with water, sweetened tea, and a yogurt drink called dough.

(Primary Sources) World Book Encylopedia/CIA World Factbook.


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