Japanese kids at a school, photo credit Aka Hige on Flickr
Human Relations Statements

Hello - Konnichi-wa

How are you doing - Ikaga Desu ka?

What is your name? - Onamae wa (nan desu ka)?

Thank you - Arigato

You are Welcome - Do Itashi Mashite

Please - Doozo

Excuse me - Sumimasen

Goodbye - Sayoonara

"Colorful Facts"

The Japanese call their country Nippon or Nihon, which means source of the sun. Today, Japan is one of the world's economic giants--a leader in producing cars and electronics.

Location: In the north Pacific Ocean, northeast of the coast of mainland Asia; it faces Russia, Korea, and China.

Capital: Tokyo

Offical Language: Japanese

Geography: Mountains and hills cover most of Japan forcing many people to live on narrow plains along the coasts. The coastal plains have much of Japan's best farmland.

Population: 125,507,472 (Estimated 2020)

Foods: Sushi, sashimi (thin slices of raw fish), sukiyaki (beef cooked with vegetables), and tempura (fish and vegatables fried in batter). Popular beverages: tea and an alcholic beverage made from rice, sake.

(Primary Source) World Book Encylopedia/CIA World Factbook.


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