Human Relations Statements

Hello - Namaste (Nahmastay)

How are you doing - Aap kaise ho?

What is your name? - Aap Ka Naam Kya Hai?

Thank you - Dhanyavaad

You are Welcome - Koi Baat Nahin

Please - Kripyaa

Excuse me - Maaf Ki Jiyega

Goodbye - Namaste (Nahmastay)

"Colorful Facts"

India is the second largest country in the world in population. About one in every six people in the world live in India. It is the biggest democracy in the world.

Location: Southern Asia. Pakistan is to the west, China and Nepal are to the north, Bangladesh and Myanmar are to the east, and the Indian Ocean is to the south.

Capital: New Delhi

Offical Language: Hindi, English, Sanskrit, and 13 regional languages

Geography: Deserts, jungles, tropical lowlands, mighty rivers - the tallest mountian system in the world is the Himalaya.

Population: 1,326,093,247 (Estimated 2020)

Foods: Typical meal - rice and dal, porridge made of pulses (pods of vegetables - beans, chickpeas). Also: chapatties (resemble tortillas) and Samosas, deep fried pastries stuffed with potatoes, vegetables, or meat. A fancy meal: chicken or lamb roasted in a clay oven called a tandoor. Most Hindus do not eat beef.

(Primary Sources) World Book Encylopedia/CIA World Factbook.


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