Human Relations Statements

Hello - Barka

How are you doing - Ina Gajiya (ENAY guh Gee ah)

What is your name? - Yaya sunan ka?

Thank you - Na gode

You are Welcome - Barka Da zuwa

Please - Don Allah

Excuse me - Gafara

Goodbye - Sai anjima

"Colorful Facts"

Hausa are a black people of west Aftica. The Hausa make up an important cultural and political group in northern Nigeria and southern Niger. Most of them are Muslims. The Songhai Empire controlled the Hausa states throughout much of the 1500's. Timbuktu, a famous city of this empire, was a great center of trade. It became a center of scholarship for the world in history, law, and the Islamic religion.

Location: Spoken mostly in northern Nigeria and southern Niger.

Capital: Abuja (Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria)

Population: Niger: 22,772,361; Nigeria: 214,028,302 (Estimated 2020)

Foods: yams, corn, rice, beans, and plantains (like a banana), and the roots of the "cassava plan." The laws of Islam forbid the eating of pork and the drinking of alcoholic beverages.

(Primary Sourcse) World Book Encylopedia/CIA World Factbook.


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