German kids in traditional dress, Image Credit: amboo who? on flickr
Human Relations Statements

Hello - Hallo

How are you doing - Wie geht es?

What is your name? - Wie Heissen Sie?

Thank you - Danke

You are Welcome - Bitte Schön

Please - Bitte

Excuse me - Entschuldigung Sie bitte

Goodbye - Auf wiedersehen

Have a nice day - Einen schönen Tag noch

"Colorful Facts"

Germany has a prominent position in the international economy. Germans Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven composed some of the world's greatest music. German scientists have made breakthroughs in chemistry, medicine, and physics.

Location: In central Europe-from 1949 to 1990 it was divided into two separate states, West Germany and East Germany.

Capital: Berlin

Official Language: German

Geography: Northern plains, central upland, and the alpine region.

Population - 80,159,662 (Estimated 2020)

Foods: Big meal is at noon. Sauerkraut, perhaps the best known German food, was developed to preserve cabbage. They preserve meat by making such sausages as bratwurst and frankfurters. Germany is a world leader in making beer.

(Primary Sources) World Book Encyclopedia/CIA World Factbook.


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