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Human Relations Statements

Hello - Nay Homa?

What is your name? - Nay gu mut man?

Thank you - Doe cheh

You are Welcome - Nay foon ying

Please - Mm Goi

Excuse me - Doi mm chu, (Formal) Mm sye hah(T) haye

Goodbye - Joy Geen

"Colorful Facts"

Hong Kong consists of three main territories: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and The New Territories.

Location: Cantonese is spoken in Guangzhou, formerly Canton City, in Southern China. It is spoken in Hong Kong, Macau, and widely spoken in Vancouver.

Capital: of Hong Kong, Victoria

Population: 7,249,907 (Hong Kong, Estimated 2020) (73,400,000 Cantonese speakers in the world)

Geography: Land area=400 sq. miles. Hong Kong is on the coast of Mainland China. Up until July 1, 1997 it was a British dependency; now it is a part of China. Hong Kong is a major center of economic activity.

Hong Kong is on the coast of mainland China. Up until July 1, 1997, it was British dependency; now it belongs to China. Hong Kong is a major center of economic activity and one of the world's most crowded places. It ranks among Asia's major ports.

Foods: Dim Sum in Cantonese means small snacks; it is bite-sized food that is steamed, boiled, fried, or baked. Dim Sum dishes include rice rolls, buns, dumplings. Cantonese dining tradition is called Yum Cha e.g. eat while drinking tea.

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