Armenian Dancers, Image Credit: jurban on flickr
Human Relations Statements

Hello - [bpa][rev]

How are you doing? - vontsz eck? vont-sess? (familiar)

What is your name? - Anoon - et encha?

Thank you - Merci or Shanora (K)gha loots oon

You are Welcome - Charjzee

Please - Khenteroomam

Excuse me - gkha nah rek

Goodbye - Hadge - okh

"Colorful Facts"

Armenia was the first country in the world to make Christianity its official religion. Mount Ararat is widely accepted as the place where Noah's ark came to rest.

Location: One of the former Soviet Republics, Armenia is located north of Iran and east of Turkey.

Capital: Yerevan

Offical Language: Armenian

Geography: Situated 6,000 - 8,000 feet above water, Armenia is mostly plateau; short ridges, deep goges and ravines, narrow valleys, and extinct volcanoes.

Population: 3,021,324 (Estimated 2020)

Foods: Popular dishes include beef and chicken kabobs, jidabour (lentil bean soup); world's leading distiller of cognac.

(Primary Sources) World Book Encylopedia/CIA World Factbook.


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