Arabic Girls with shawls
Human Relations Statements

Hello - Marhaba

How are you doing? - Kaif Haluk? (masculine); Kaif Halek? (feminine)

What is your name? - Mas-Smuk?

Thank you - Shukran

You are Welcome - Afwan

Please - Razha'an

Excuse me - Lau Samaht

Goodbye - Maa Al-Salameh

"Colorful Facts"

The Arabic language is one of the world's most widely used languages. There are two types of Arabic, spoken and writen. Spoken Arabic consists of dialects. Arabic is the descendant of the language of the Koran, the sacred book of the Islamic religion. Many English words come from Arabic: alcohol, algebra, check, magazine, and tariff.

Location: It is the official language of many Arab nations in the Middle East and northern Africa, including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria.

Geography: The Middle East is made up of mountains, vast arid plateaus, and large deserts.

Population: 22 Arab League States--407,000,000-420,000,000 (Estimated 2018)

Foods: Felafel, small, deep-fried patties of ground chickpeas. Chicken or lamb cooked in yogurt "mansef." The laws of Islam forbid the eating of pork and the drinking of alcoholic beverages.

(Primary Sources) Wikipedia/CIA World Factbook.


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