Ethopian boys in field
Human Relations Statements

Hello - SeLAM

How are you doing? - EndeMINEH?

What is your name? - Semeh Manew?

Thank you - Ameseginalehu

You are Welcome - Abro yisten

Please - Ebakihin

Excuse me - Yikirta

Goodbye - Dehna Hun

Have a nice day - Mel kam kun

"Colorful Facts"

Ethiopia is the oldest independent state in Africa (never colonized). According to tradition, the first emperor of Ethiopia Menelik I was the son of the Biblical Queen of Sheba and King Solomon of Israel.

Location: In northeastern Africa, bordering the Red Sea.

Capital: Addis Ababa

Offical Language: Amharic

Geography: Rugged mountains and a high fertile plateau. The country's Red Sea coast ranks among the hotest places in the world

Population: 104,224,414 (Estimated 2019)

Foods: A thick spicy stew called "wat" made from meat and vegetables; eggs are oftern added. It is usually eaten with pieces of slightly sour pancake-shaped bread called "injera."

(Primary Sources) World Population Prospects/CIA World Factbook.


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